Utilizing social media is a key element in creating a prosperous real estate business. Figuring out which social media platforms to use can be quite a problem since there are so many to choose from.

Without a plan for utilizing social media, marketing can be a complete waste of both time and resources that yield no results. The situation is much more serious when it comes to the use of social media for real estate.

Figuring out where to focus your energy when it comes to social media marketing for real estate agents is an art and science. Taking the initial step in deciding which platform you want to focus on will give you a huge head start toward being successful.

Choosing Social Media Sites for Real Estate Marketing

Many realtors make the mistake of thinking they need to employ several different social media platforms. Burnout is a risk when attempting to manage this many channels and it is not possible to give each one a proper amount of attention. When attempting to control multiple platforms, it is not possible to expand your following.

When selecting which social media platform to use for professional promotion, it is essential to contemplate what would make you feel most comfortable. Use the skills you already possess to build relationships with people in the network.

If you are looking to explore different social media platforms to raise your profile, here are a few points to consider prior to making your decision. Look for a platform with:

  • A large audience in the right age range
  • An engaged set of users where you work
  • A pool of users that want what you’re selling
  • The ability to target those potential clients and gather quality leads

There is a lot of debate about using platforms to increase visibility and engagement, but it alone cannot generate income.

Obtaining leads is essential for earning back what was put into social media, so if a website does not facilitate good lead-obtaining methods or its audience lacks commitment to supplying leads, then that site is ultimately unhelpful.

Which social media platforms offer real estate agents the highest potential for success?

1. Facebook

Although it may not be considered new or thrilling, Facebook is able to offer extensive data, a substantial quantity of users, and the capability to accurately target advertisements. With the rebranding to Meta and its increased focus on virtual reality and the metaverse, plenty of chances for marketing and targeted advertising will emerge.

Facebook proves to be an incredibly advantageous hub for real estate social media marketing. There is a wide variety of options to create natural leads through groups and pages, and it is simple to employ paid advertising that can be specifically tailored for desired viewers.

Here are some facts that prove Facebook is where your potential clients are:

  • 72% of U.S. adults use Facebook on a daily basis
  • Facebook accounts for more than half of all U.S. social media usage
  • Over 68% of U.S. Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 65
  • 82% of U.S. college graduates are on Facebook; 75% of users with an income above $75k

Promotions can be precisely aimed, offer amazing possibilities for creating intrigue and draw in customers, and be beneficial when utilized accurately.

Facebook is an outstanding way to continue to monitor former customers, amass positive feedback, and motivate recommendations – all approaches to obtaining new customers that are cost-effective and more effective than attempting to generate leads without existing contacts.

Types of content that work well

  • Video content (house tours, client testimonials, meet the team).
  • Success stories (selling properties over market value for past clients).
  • Repurposing a localized blog post from your website.

Benefits of using Facebook

  • Free and easy to set up.
  • You can build a sizeable network in only a few months.
  • The average age range(25-34) is an ideal demographic for selling homes.
  • An extensive range of advertising options.
  • You can see how other agents are creating ads.

2. Instagram

Instagram’s strong visual component makes it a great fit for sectors, like real estate, to showcase their products. Instagram benefits from the same large user population and high-tech promotional techniques as its parent company, Facebook.

It is beneficial to remain active on Instagram and to invest in advertising on the platform due to these reasons.

As it is associated with Facebook, you can manage both accounts without too much added effort. The business platform makes it effortless to write articles and respond to texts and remarks all in one spot.

If you want to target youthful people, it would be beneficial to allocate more of your energy and resources. In October of 2020, the most significant age demographic on Insta was 25 to 34, making up 32% of the entire user base. Additionally, research indicates that majority of adult Instagram users take part in the platform on a daily basis; the number is even higher when looking at weekly engagement, with 80% of adults engaging with the platform weekly.

No matter what, it will never become a strong social media platform for real estate professionals in comparison to Facebook. Approximately one-third of users range from ages 13 to 25, and only four out of ten American adults utilize Instagram.

Types of content that work well

  • Instagram stories (behind the scenes, new property listings).
  • Instagram reels (pro tip: videos with captions always perform better).
  • Covering a local event or development in a series of videos.
  • Instagram live (great for engaging with your audience).

Benefits of using Instagram

  • The ideal age range for leads.
  • Going ‘viral’ can be achieved by capitalizing on trending sounds.
  • It doesn’t just have to be real estate content.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be viewed as a promotional device if your customers have a preference for business or if you work with property investors. It’s a great location to show off your abilities and share some creative ideas to interest your target audience.

For residential real estate agents, LinkedIn offers no obvious way to get more clients, so investing time in it may not be worthwhile. This is the place to cultivate a professional network, where individual members can provide referrals, share new thoughts and work together.

Stay connected with other agents whom you encounter through LinkedIn to exchange the marketing and lead-developing methods which have been profitable to you.

Interact with local real estate personnel who do not pose a direct threat to your business: home assessors, valuers, loan brokers, moving and repositioning firms, and others.

When you build a rapport with a professional whom you appreciate, both of you may receive extra job opportunities by forming a referral partnership. Keep your time here focused, though. You could easily delude yourself into thinking you are strengthening your reputation when all you are really doing is making a lot of noise without any response.

Benefits of using LinkedIn

  • Industry-specific groups to network in.
  • You can build a presence by engaging with other popular agents (piggybacking).
  • Leverage review-based content for other agents.
  • Consistently post content on real estate to become an authority.

4. TikTok

There has been a lot of attention around Tik Tok lately, and it is clear that the app is a place where people can express their imagination. TikTok was created with the intent of allowing young individuals to post entertaining videos, yet it has become a hub for serious professional content as well.

This site is an excellent way to interact with other people by making enjoyable and imaginative videos. If you are a real estate coach interested in networking with other agents, getting new ideas and techniques, or displaying your stunning real estate listings, this is an excellent space to create a profile.

Types of content that work well

  • Question-and-answer video format.
  • Micro-vlogs.
  • Home tours.
  • DIY-specific for homeowners.
  • Motivational content for buyers and sellers.
  • Live videos.
  • Behind-the-scenes.

Benefits of using TikTok for real estate

  • Less competition in your local area.
  • You can use trending topics to boost your brand’s awareness.
  • Great for building audiences for remarketing.
  • Amazing organic reach.
  • Bring people into your sales funnel early.

5. Twitter

The issue with Twitter is not that it doesn’t have enough of the appropriate users; more than half of Twitter users are in the range of 25-49. There is an issue with Twitter that prevents users from creating enduring relationships.

Individuals are largely discussing the most current attention-grabbing news and fads. This platform makes it challenging to channel potential customers and build connections.

If you have a Twitter account just for yourself, you can monitor any chances to advertise your real estate business. You can also use it as a platform to stay alerted to economic and stock market movements.

6. YouTube

  • Active monthly YouTube users: 2.5 billion active users.
  • Average demographic age: 15-25
  • Average time on the platform: 29 minutes

The rise of real estate sales on YouTube was remarkable. Real estate agents are being influenced by reality shows such as Million Dollar Listing New York and becoming celebrities in their own right.

If you feel relaxed when facing a camera, YouTube might profoundly alter the ways in which you source real estate customers. By utilizing long-term advertisement methods, you can increase your leads by marketing your individual character. Something you can’t easily do through written content.

Every day, over 250 million hours of YouTube are observed. If you’re a real estate agent and that doesn’t get you excited, we can’t imagine what will.

Types of content that work well

  • House property tours geared for potential clients.
  • Tips and tricks on how to improve your home’s appearance.
  • Reactive long-form media to trends and real estate industry news.
  • Local content about developments in the area.

Benefits of using YouTube

  • It’s a great platform for natural client attraction (pull instead of push).
  • Widely accepted as a lead generation channel in the real estate market.
  • Less (good) competition to worry about.
  • An exciting way to explore new ideas to find new business.

7. Pinterest

  • Active monthly Pinterest users: 443 million.
  • Average demographic age: 30-49
  • Average time on the platform: 14.2 minutes

Pinterest is just as effective as TikTok for establishing an online presence. It is less probable to create opportunities for your real estate business. However, it can provide amazing referral traffic.

Again, you can leverage this for remarketing purposes.

Pinterest is an exclusively visual platform that is used for real estate purposes. If you lack the capacity for creativity, then you should not utilize Pinterest as a part of your social media marketing approach.

Instead of releasing written material, you are placing ‘pins’ on a board. This board could be about:

  • Home improvements.
  • House values.
  • Market studies of real estate.
  • Visuals of attractive properties (maybe even those you’re selling… hint, hint).

If people who use Pinterest interact with these posts, they will be taken to the source of the image. Which just so happens to be your website. Remember, real estate marketing is about building funnels.

What could be a better method than generating a large number of visits to your website?

Benefits of using Pinterest

  • Great for creative agencies.
  • A fantastic way to show off attractive properties.
  • Billions of monthly users.
  • Amazing for sending referral traffic to your website.

8. Google My Business

Google My Business or Google Business Profile is not classified as social media. However, that doesn’t imply that it should not be handled as though it was.

More than half of all inquiries made on Google are from people seeking services provided by local businesses. Yet, most real estate agents neglect their profile.

We’re informing you that you’re missing out on opportunities if you don’t engage on Google. Our advice to you?

Take the content from your website and social media accounts and use it to populate your Google My Business profile. And stop relying on Zillow for leads.

This means:

  • That awesome creative on real estate in Miami needs to be a post on Google now.
  • Written a blog on your website? Great. Take excerpts of text and post them.
  • Selling a listing? Of course, you are. Share the details on your profile.

What’s the worst thing about social media platforms? When they’re neglected. You wouldn’t let your Facebook profile collect dust. Don’t let your Google Business Profile either.

9. Reddit

Reddit is mainly for memes, right? Well, kind of. This is an excellent spot for getting data, assembling a group of people and showing off your company.

Realtors stand to gain from participating in these online discussion boards which are focused on the real estate industry, as well as certain localities. Again, you’re unlikely to generate many leads through Reddit. You can demonstrate how much of an expert you are as an agent.

Brand recognition can influence direct searches on Google. The greater the amount of people looking for your company, the simpler it is for everything else to come together.

10. Quora

Do people even still use Quora? The answer is unequivocally, yes. Quora can be likened to Reddit in that it is a type of social media that is focused around discussion forums. This is a place where brokers can give answers to queries regarding real estate.

People often ask things like:

  • Can I buy and sell a home at the same time?
  • How much are property taxes in this location?
  • How can I sell my home over market value?

And it’s completely open for anyone to respond to. This is where agents can shine. Demonstrate your expertise and indicate why you are qualified to provide counsel.

You can post web links related to your website, although any considered to be for self-promotion will be taken down. Real estate agents should take advantage of Quora as a means of increasing brand awareness. Just like Reddit.


It is advised to concentrate on just a few social media accounts. Without having the necessary tools, you could be left with many unused spaces.

It’s a problem we see far too often. It isn’t positive for your reputation, and your potential customers will be less likely to contemplate you. Choose the platforms based on what your goals are. Is it brand awareness, or is it lead generation?

The objective of property advertising is to combine everything. Have your email and website utilize social media as well.