Generating more listing leads can be extremely difficult. But it’s never impossible. Unless of course… you have a flawed plan. Or worse, no plan at all.

You may have heard the often-quoted (and apparently anonymous) adage that goes something like this:

Every system has been created so that it provides the outcomes that are being achieved.

We hear it often because it’s true. If you find yourself in a place professionally where only buyers are expressing interest, it is likely that you need to tune up your methods of getting leads and review your plan for expansion. We’re about to do just that.

To help you eliminate the guesswork involved in getting more listing leads, we’ve boiled it all down to these essential tactics:

1. Build Your Brand

Essentially, your brand is the reputation of you and your real estate business in the minds of other people. There are a lot of other companies in this industry, and your brand is what makes you stand out. All activities related to gaining clients should combine to create a captivating and consistent brand image.

Do you want to enhance your real estate credibility so you can acquire more property opportunities? Start by answering these three essential questions:

Unique Value Proposition

A UVP is a statement that lets potential customers know what makes you different from other real estate agents in your area. Come up with a summary of your idea as if you were giving a speech in an elevator. It’s what shows you’re not a dime-a-dozen agent.

Your UVP should be concise. This should be concise and attention-grabbing so that it will be memorable and easy to understand. The majority of Unique Value Propositions are no more than one or two sentences long.

Use numbers whenever possible. Numerical data and facts provide potential customers with something to cling to. They make a big difference in enhancing how trustworthy they seem. Does your value proposition speak directly to sellers?

Mission Statement

The goal of your mission statement is to transform your Unique Value Proposition into tangible activities connected to a higher cause. This text outlines the purpose of your work: who you help, how you stand out from others, and why you’re passionate about it.

A well-crafted mission statement serves two very important functions. First, it helps you to stay concentrated on what matters the most, the essential point of your responsibility, and the significance of your job. It reveals to possible customers and buyers accurately what they will experience when they collaborate with you.

A mission statement need not be exhaustive, excessively precise and thorough, or even a finished sentence. To get the creative juices flowing, consider these two examples:

  1. The ultimate objective of RE/MAX is to become the global leader in the real estate market, accomplishing our ambitions while aiding our customers in achieving theirs. Everybody wins.”
  2. At Atlassian, our products provide support to crews around the world to help them improve human welfare via the utilization of software. Examples include the use of technology for medical care, interplanetary voyages, emergency aid, and even pizza deliveries. The goal of our organization is to unlock the capabilities of every group.

Target Market

You can’t be everything to everyone. If you attempt to be just like everyone else, your brand will become indistinguishable instead of being unique. Take some time to figure out who your specific target audience is.

Try to be as specific as possible. Think about tightening your focus even more by making profiles based on your two or three target clients.

Let data be your guide. If you have an interest in a distinct region, compile every bit of knowledge about the inhabitants in that locality. Learn about who follows you on social media.

Construct a website that is able to be tailored to the user’s needs, with MLS information listed which will draw in purchasers and vendors and the most essential thing is it can gather and evaluate the data concerning website guests’ movements.

Marketing Automation Tools

The most advantageous automated real estate promotional software can perform all functions.

Market Leader Professional can assist you in staying top of mind with contacts in your database with its customizable website, integrated CRM, automated campaigns, and various forms of content like postcards, flyers, and emails with video capabilities that are optimized for mobile devices.

Work Your Network

Marketing is mainly focused on connecting with potential customers “out there”. Networking on the other hand is mainly focused on creating relationships with people in your community who can lead to more business “right here”. You’ve built your brand. You’ve developed a marketing strategy. And now it’s time to work your network.

Let Friends and Family Know You’re a Real Estate Agent

It’s simple. It’s basic. We feel it is necessary to mention this because it forms a fundamental part of any lead generation plan. Personal connection often trumps any other kind of connection.

It is likely that someone in your family or circle of friends is currently contemplating putting their home up on the market. If not, they probably know someone who is. Ensure that you stay at the forefront of their memory.

Tap Into to the Wider Social Circle

To which clubs, clubs, and congregations do you belong? What about friends of friends? Are you part of any groups on social media?

Many individuals are affiliated with multiple networks without being aware of it. Here are some examples:

  • Church groups
  • Clubs, like Rotary, rec sports teams, and alumni organizations
  • Online group like Nextdoor communities and neighborhood Facebook pages

This bigger social network is full of people who have potential and are great when it comes to providing references. People with whom you share a common interest are more likely to select you as opposed to an unknown individual with no mutual interest.

Warm Up to Cold Calling

Some real estate agents are not fans of cold calling as it can be quite exasperating. Others feel anxious just reading about it. The truth is, it’s often both frustrating and frightening.

Some people suggest that it is a very effective method to acquire leads for listed items. Others argue that it’s a waste of time. Again – both are true.

Despite your stance, cold calling remains a strong way to get more leads in the real estate selling industry. Grasping who you are attempting to reach and how to communicate with them is the essential factor. These are the two groups that should be the focus of the fourth stage of generating more property listings leads.

Call FSBOs (For Sale by Owner) Real Estate Listings

Even though they may be hesitant to work with you at first, many DIY home sellers can be encouraged to partner with you once they understand all the ways you can be of assistance.

Discover homes put up for sale by the owners themselves on websites such as Craigslist, ForSaleByOwner.com, and Zillow. Telephone them, utilizing the most effective FSBO script that you can obtain to raise the level of convincing.

Call Expired Listings

A helpful guide for obtaining additional listing opportunities would not be full without mentioning some advice on expired listings. These would-be-sellers are often in a tough spot.

They had hopes and dreams of selling but couldn’t. And now they have abandoned the idea or they are not certain what the next step should be. You can be the individual who comes in to rebuild their assurance. Be sure to employ the most effective scripts for expired listings in every instance.

Attend Events  Host Your Own

Outstanding real estate agents always maintain a vast number of contacts. They are consistently searching for innovative approaches to nurture connections.

One of the greatest approaches to accomplish that objective is to participate in physical gatherings and to set up your own. Here are the three best methods to extend your reach so that you can find more listing opportunities.

Attend Networking Events

Events that assist in building a better network are plentiful. If you are aiming to have more clients that are sellers, search for meetups, local gatherings, and little meetings that will link you to dealers from your intended interest group.

Are you having difficulty locating any activities that would suit you? Host your own!

Host a Community Event

Rather than venturing out to meet potential customers, get them to come to you. This has a connection to the housing market, although it isn’t necessarily so. Have fun and get creative with it.

Hold a party, sponsor a charity banquet, organize a concert, or conduct a contest with a prize from a local company… the possibilities are limitless. It could be small or large, simple or extravagant. So long as you contact people who may be selling their property in your locality and get to converse with them, you are proceeding in the correct direction.

Using Real Estate Social Media To Increase Traffic And Awareness

In the age of digital marketing, having a strong presence on social media is an essential component of any marketing plan. Some of the most worthwhile platforms worth investing in include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Using LinkedIn is the most sensible decision due to its professional nature, yet Instagram and Twitter can bring in a considerable amount of traffic and attention.

By utilizing certain techniques for Instagram, along with attractive visuals and concise posts, it can help to ensure that you stay current and within easy reach of any potential customers.

One more cost effective tactic for generating leads is Facebook Ads, with the potential to target pre-existing leads in your database via the Custom Audiences feature.

Concerning Facebook, setting up a regional group related to your firm can give customers a chance to share their experiences and give potential buyers an impression of what they may experience as homeowners.

Segmenting Your Leads To Gain Insight Into Your Database

Most of those who have signed up to receive your newsletters and promotional emails are already in your database. Sorting them into categories based on their attributes will both help with lead generation and provide you with more information about your database.

This is where lead segmentation comes in. A few criteria by which you can segment your leads can include:

  • How “hot” or “cold” they are (how much they interact with your content, site, social media, etc)
  • Demographics (or better yet) by buyer personas
  • Specific behaviors ranging from singing up for your mailing list to downloading a particular e-guide

By being aware of this information, you are able to modify the means of communication with your audience: emails, tutorials, and how often you interact with them.

For hot leads, they may require additional individualized encouragement to get them proceeding, whereas cold leads may be more advantageous left on an automated email campaign. By targeting your marketing efforts to those who are most likely to make a purchase through segmentation, you will gain greater rewards as well as conserve energy/time.

Developing An Effective Video Marketing Strategy

A whopping 73% of homeowners would be more tempted to list their houses with a real estate agent who promises to make a video for them. Only 4 percent of real estate agents choose to list their properties on YouTube.

MarketingSherpa claims that the inclusion of videos can draw up to three times as many visitors to an agent’s website plus lengthen the amount of time spent there by visitors. Good thing there are plenty of ways to incorporate video into a marketing strategy:

  • Client interviews
  • Q&A live streams
  • How-to and general information videos
  • Agent profiles
  • Yearly reviews
  • Videos of local community events (which we will be discussing at length soon).

Nevertheless, the most crucial type of videos in real estate are listing videos, which display the greatest characteristics of your listings both inside and outside.

Remember that you don’t always need professional equipment!

A cell phone camera and a simple editing program, paired with still pictures and a well-recorded narration, will be enough to create an interesting and informative experience that will captivate potential customers attractively.

Community Service To Establish Local Presence

Mentioning community events is an effective way to bring awareness to a realtor’s website and social media platforms.

Occasionally, just having a business in your area may not be sufficient; so you should participate in your community in order to be seen as a local figure and foster a good name for yourself.

In the end, a real estate agent can gain a lot from being familiar with the regions they operate in and sell homes, as well as building up a local presence. Attempt to get the highest return on investment out of these events by implementing a plan to develop potential customers!

  • Sponsoring local events such as park fairs or school concerts
  • Volunteering or helping organize charity events
  • Giving presentations on topics of expertise at a community college
  • Hosting a podcast
  • (If budget allows), aiming for local media coverage by pitching ideas to local reporters and buying ad segments on radio or TV

Create Content To Constantly Engage Your Subscribed Leads

What kind of material is the most successful in grabbing the attention of people who have subscribed to your email list? We identified the three optimal techniques for disseminating varied information to your prospects.


When you think of reading material related to real estate, the first thing that usually pops into your head is a newsletter. This is a great method to frequently distribute data to people who have signed up, including details about rate of interest and mortgage rates and also the highest quality listings.

Community Magazine

A neighborhood publication can showcase information on upcoming activities along with valuable real estate details and industry data.


This digital source is sturdy and can be flawlessly incorporated into one of the pages of your website. The aim is to give people investigating the possibility of buying or selling a house in your area helpful data, regardless of which format it takes, while still being personally engaging.

Personalizing Excellent Customer Service

Maximizing customer service is a highly effective strategy for a real estate agent’s marketing efforts. This starts from the very initial stage of the purchaser’s path.

Providing a no charge assessment or estimation is excellent for increasing your potential customer base, and it’s your obligation to make the process of getting in contact as simple as it can be for prospects.

Proving that you are invested in offering them a personal experience can be done digitally, over the phone, or face-to-face. Doing this sparks more interest and prompts them to move closer to a commitment.

Over time, this will assist you in establishing your credibility due to delighted customers providing positive feedback and testimonials.


In the field of real estate, even the best-prepared plans need to take into consideration elements that cannot be accurately predicted. You will always have elements that you do not have control over. One doesn’t have to worry about acquiring a constant flow of confidential web-based listing prospects.