Maintaining contact with both existing and former customers is vital for a prosperous and lengthy career in real estate.

Giving ‘pop-bys’ is a good strategy to reinforce the bonds that you have carefully created with your customers. Begin your trip with a small present and a personal message, and your former consumer can turn into your principal origin of fresh referrals.

Must Haves for Every Pop-By


Ensure that each gift is either wrapped in your company’s logo or, at a minimum, includes something about your real estate business. Employing the same kind of wrapping makes it simpler for you to get presents ready and quickly reminds the receiver who it is from. Plus, it just looks professional.

Clear Messaging

Pop-bys are an uncomplicated way to express a brief, charming and precise message to the people you serve.

Say thanks to each customer for their loyalty by giving them a branded gift tag or leaving them a note. Your tag should include your contact details, as well as a polite request, such as asking for a referral, or inviting people to follow you on your social media accounts.

Real Estate Pop-by Ideas to Get You More Referrals

1. Plants

Incorporating plants into one’s home brings it to life.

If your client enjoys doing manual labor or has a lot of area in their yard, choose flower seeds. The small size makes it possible to produce a selection of different types, and it will be thrilling for your customers to witness them blossoming throughout the period.

For those who don’t have a lot of time or don’t have a lot of outdoor area, a potted flower or plant is sufficient.

Potted plants add an instant spark of life to a space and assist in transforming a bare house into a cozy home. Be certain that none of your customers are allergic to plants or have any animals that could possibly eat the kind of plant you select.

2. Preserved Snacks

Preserved foods and toppings such as homemade jam give off a traditional feel, which is perceived to be both sophisticated and natural. They not only are delicious, but they also make great decorations.

3. Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are a necessity that everyone should have, but they aren’t particularly exciting investments. Giving someone gardening tools as a present is an excellent option to supply your customers with products that you realize they need, but might be apprehensive about obtaining.

One single, top-notch tool can greatly simplify and enhance the gardening experience.

Whenever your client is planting a new plant without difficulty, they will recall who gave them the proper tools. This is sure to be in use for a long period of time.

4. Pet Treats

Pet owners view their animals as a major part of their home and family. By presenting clients with a gift of pet treats, it demonstrates that you are aware of their lifestyle and that you are taking everybody in their family into consideration. Any item that would be beneficial to a pet, such as treats, toys, appliances, or tools that are safe for animals can be offered.

In certain cities, one can track down upscale canine bakeries or pet stores that offer exclusive doggy treats. These local snacks can be a wonderful present and an easy route to tie your customers to local companies.