Social media is all about engagement.

An engaged follower is a good prospect. If you want potential clients to hire you as a real estate agent, you need to interact with them as much as possible.

The more you get people to engage with your posts, the more your posts will be promoted. A post with a lot of engagement is more likely to appear on a feed.

You also need to create social media posts that people will respond to, not just posts that are valuable and informative.

‘This or That’ real estate posts are one of the best ways of doing this.

Why Is Engagement Important?

As people scroll through social media, they will often look at the number of followers or likes a page has to see if it is reputable. Therefore, it is important to have a high number of followers and likes on your page to increase trust in your company.

If you want potential clients to trust you as a real estate agent, you will need to gain their trust immediately. Make sure to engage with the community if you want more engagement.

What is a ‘This Or That’ Real Estate Social Media Post?

A ‘This or That’ real estate post is one where the person writing the post compares two different properties, usually in terms of price, location, or amenities. ‘This or That’ real estate posts let followers choose between two options.

Do they want a two-story house or a one-story house? Do they want a garden or a pool?

This strategy, while it may seem very straightforward, can be quite effective in marketing real estate. A post that asks viewers to choose between two options can be posted to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn. There is evidence to suggest that engagement can help improve your SEO ranking. This is because engagement leads to more people talking about and sharing your content, which helps increase its visibility.

Why Are ‘This or That’ Real Estate Posts Effective?

People want to share their opinions. Sometimes to an extreme degree. Some people might think that “Carpet or Hardwood?” is a minor issue to worry about, but for some people, it is a very important decision.

‘This or That’ posts give your followers a chance to voice their opinion. If someone is passionate about their opinion, they will want to justify it.

Additionally, by doing a ‘This or That’ post, you will learn more about your followers. Are they more interested in condos or houses? You will only know the answer to your question once you make a Facebook post about it.

19 ‘This or That’ Posts & Polls for More Responses

‘This or That’ posts are usually about trivial things rather than more important topics. This is one of the simplest Facebook posts you can make, and it is very effective.

Here are a few great examples:

1. Lake View or Pool View?

Would your followers prefer to be in a remote location by a lake or in the suburbs with a pool? Should you be including information about pools in your listings if a large number of your potential buyers are interested in them?

2. Industrial or Shabby Chic?

This is especially important if you renovate homes and sell them. Realtors can stay up to date on current style trends by asking their followers what they prefer. If you investigate the local market, you may find that shabby chic is very popular.

3. Carpet or Hardwood?

There is a lot of debate among buyers about this issue. Past clients have preferred either the comfort of carpet or the luxury of hardwood. What is the temperature of the market?

4. Farmhouse or Townhouse?

In many markets, people are moving back toward more rural and old-fashioned lifestyles. This includes buying homesteads, rural properties, and old farmhouses. If you are curious about the demographics of your followers, you can ask about it on your social media accounts.

5. Condo or Suburb?

What is your preference for where your followers would rather live? The city or suburbs? That’s an important question to have answered. This question will help you understand what to expect from every new listing. Your followers may be strongly influenced by others.

6. Light Cabinets or Dark Cabinets?

Do people prefer light or dark cabinets in a rehab or renovation? Sometimes, it prefers on the property. The real estate market has trends that come and go.

7. Shower or Tub?

One of the most important rooms that people consider when looking at a new home is the bathroom, specifically the bathtub. But what are they looking for? This question will tell you which bathrooms are most popular.

8. Neutral or Bright?

If you need help choosing paint colors for your clients, here are a few tips. Realtors need to know about current trends. Last decade, the “millennial gray” color palette was popular, with everything being a flat, pale monochrome. Bright colors are becoming fashionable, but not everywhere.

9. Jacuzzi or Pool?

People tend to disagree about outdoor features. A few decades ago, everyone wanted an in-ground pool. Today, a lot of people are wary of maintenance. Find out what your market prefers.

10. Granite or Marble Counters?

An owner may ask you what kind of counters they should install. A lot of people need this type of advice. Asking the right questions about your Instagram or Facebook marketing can help you get an informed answer.

These are almost assured to inspire discussion. If you were to post “Jacuzzi or Pool?” on Instagram, you would receive a variety of responses from people sharing their own opinions and reasons for their choices. People who could be potential clients.

In addition to these closed questions, there are also open-ended questions that you can use on your real estate social media.

11. What are your favorite garden plants?

Make a post with a picture of a bunch of different pretty plants from a garden, and ask your followers which ones are their faves. You’ll get them thinking about the garden that they could design if they bought the house of their dreams.

12. What kind of mailbox do you want?

The question seems harmless, but it’s actually very clever. When your homeowners ask you what type of mailbox they should install, you’ll know the best answer for them—and how to enhance their curb appeal.

13. What’s your favorite entryway door?

What are potential buyers interested in? This text provides information that can be useful for anyone renovating a property.

14. Which exterior do you like best?

One option for displaying data about home types is to create a classic infographic that shows different home types. Do your followers love ranch-style houses? Victorians? By understanding your audience, you can better cater to their interests and desires. This knowledge is valuable and worth pursuing.

15. What sink would you want the most?

What is your preferred sink style? Although, be careful. When considering more decorative items (such as glass bowl sinks), people’s actual desires can differ from what they think they want.

16. Which couch is your favorite?

This is a home staging question. This allows you to better cater to their needs and produce content that is most likely to resonate with them. You can learn what design elements your followers like best by paying attention to which couches they interact with the most. Staging an open house is an art, and good staging can help sell the house.

17. What type of flooring do you find most comfortable?

This allows followers to discuss their favorite type of flooring. The question being open-ended allows for responses that you may not have expected.

18. Which set of windows is your favorite?

One of the things that is easiest to repair during a fast renovation is a window. This question can give property owners who are interested in renovating before they sell the answers they need.

19. Do you prefer blinds, drapes, shutters, or something else?

Window dressings are another thing that are often easy to replace and contribute to the sale of a property. Determine if those in your vicinity prefer blinds or drapes so that you can provide more useful information.

The options are usually made to be as varied as possible The polls are usually accompanied by an infographic that shows a variety of options. The options are typically designed to be as diverse as possible. Fans will be able to pick their most loved item from a blog entry, Instagram story, or rundown, and will have the option to share their assessment on the page. This will help real estate agents to learn more about their audience and improve their engagement levels.

20. Do You Live in a House or an Apartment?

Polls with many options are more flexible. What kind of housing do you live in? Do you live in a house, an apartment, or a condo?

21. Which Type of Fence Do You Prefer?

Asking your followers for their input on fencing will give you more ideas to recommend to new homeowners!

22. If You Could Choose Any Room in Your House to Redo, Which Room Would You Choose?

What room in your house do you like the best? Asking your followers this question will get them thinking about their current home and how they feel about it. This will inspire them to connect with you when they’re ready to move to a new home.

23. Do You Prefer Square Footage or Outside Decks?

Do you prefer square footage or decks? If you want to generate more leads and find the perfect homes for your followers, ask them about their preferences.

24. Which Type of Siding Do You Prefer?

Siding plays an important role in interior design and can affect your home’s resale value. It can also give you insight into your followers’ preferences.

25. Do You Prefer Fireplaces or More Space?

Do you prefer fireplaces or more space? Maybe they would rather have both! This poll can help you understand what potential customers want and can generate some interesting conversations on social media.

Even More Real Estate Poll Ideas

26. How Many Rooms Does Your Home Have?

Understanding what types of homes your followers are interested in can be helpful in deciding how many rooms to include in your design.

27. How Much Money Can You Afford to Spend on Interior Design?

You can ask your followers how much money they would be willing to spend on interior design. This can help you understand what types of homes your followers are interested in.

28. What Is Your Favorite Color Scheme?

You can ask your followers what color scheme they like the best. This helps you know what colors they might prefer for paint or wallpaper in their next home.

29. What Are Your Most Important Features When Buying A New Home?

This poll will help you understand what features your followers believe are most important when purchasing a new home.

30. What Is Your Must-Have Item For Every Kitchen?

This poll will help you find out what kitchen items your followers need the most. You could put the answers your clients give in housewarming gift baskets.

31. Would You Remodel Your Bathroom or Your Kitchen First?

This poll can help you to find out what your followers would like to see improved in their next home.

32. What Is Your Dream Neighborhood?

Where would your followers want to live if they had a lot of money? This allows you to see which neighborhoods your followers are interested in.

33. Do you want to know if your house is haunted?

By asking your followers what type of houses they are looking to purchase, you can gain insight into what types of houses they are interested in.

34. Attic or Basement?

Would your followers prefer an attic or basement in their house?

35. Shower or Tub?

Another way to gain engagement with your real estate polls is to ask your followers if they would rather have a really lovely shower or a big tub. People have strong opinions about bathing preferences!

Tips for Using This or That Real Estate Posts

One of the advantages of ‘This or That’ real estate posts is that they do not require a lot of effort. Despite being a busy real estate agent, you still want to have control over your Facebook page and not have it consume all your time. If you are struggling to market your company, you may want to consider hiring a professional marketing company.

With that in mind, here are a few simple tips:

  • Make sure your visuals are strong. ‘This or That’ posts rely a lot on visuals. Use stock photo sites like Unsplash to find pictures to use and make sure that your followers have a clear idea of what’s being asked.
  • Don’t schedule too many of them in a row. If you schedule a ‘This or That’ every day, your followers are going to stop interacting with them, and your real estate social media engagement metrics will go down.
  • Avoid truly controversial topics. The point of a ‘This or That’ post is that it should be fun, silly, and lighthearted. You want people arguing about paint colors, not anything more serious.
  • Don’t be afraid to weigh in. Make the first comment on your post and tell them which you prefer. That will kick off the discussion of the content.
  • Brand all your images. Add your logo to your images to extend your brand; it’ll make people more likely to recognize you.

Pay attention to your social media platform stats to see which posts are leading to the most engagement. Your social media account may not be well-suited for this type of post. Some posts are just better than others.

The goal of social media marketing is to experiment with new ideas, track results, and adjust strategies as needed to achieve the desired outcome.