As a realtor, the way you present yourself matters a lot more than you think when it comes to making a good impression and landing wealthy clients. Here is a guide on what not to wear to work if you want to be judged favorably.

1. Black Blazers or Suits

You should not wear a black blazer or suit as a realtor, or any other professional outside of the entertainment or catering industries.

Although black suits are popularized by Hollywood, they are not typically worn by professionals. Navy blue, charcoal, or gray are better choices.

2. Plaid Flannel Shirts

Hi there, I love your shirt. Are you a fan of Soundgarden? I am too! I used to love them back when I was younger, before I went to law school. They were such an incredible band. I was wondering if you’d seen a real estate agent around here? I’m supposed to meet one here, and he said he’d be here by 2:30.

3. Sneakers

I know you’re trying to be comfortable, and I get it. I used to have to walk more than five miles a day when I worked as an agent in Manhattan. I can tell you from experience that comfortable shoes don’t have to be as “soft” or springy as sneakers. Comfort is more about getting the proper support for your feet, and well-made dress shoes do just that.

Dress shoes with cork insoles provide more support than any sneaker. Dress shoes can also be resoled multiple times, unlike sneakers which only last for six months.

If you’re looking for affordable men’s fashion for real estate agents, check out our guide.

4. Square-toed Shoes

If thereseven deadly sins for male realtors’ fashion, the square-toed shoe would be the first one. Take this rule seriously. They are ugly. Unless maybe your feet are square?

5. Visible Undershirt While Wearing a Dress Shirt

A crew neck tee worn underneath a dress shirt is sloppy and shows the wearer’s underwear. It is the equivalent of wearing saggy pants that show one’s boxers.

6. Wearing Black Dress Shoes With Everything

Are you someone I can trust to sell my house, or are you just going to a wedding?

A not so well kept secret in the fashion world is that black shoes are boring. Another secret is that black shoes are less versatile than brown shoes.

You can only wear black shoes with black pants, charcoal pants, and maybe navy pants. Brown shoes, however, work with every color except black and some browns. They also look much nicer with navy blue than black shoes.

A walnut-colored shoe will be a good contrast to blue trousers. It is less formal than black, but that may be what you want. If you want to be very coordinated, you can match your shoes, belt, and bag.

7. Red ‘Power Ties’

The power tie was popularized during the days of Michael Jackson and the Iran Contra affair.

Wearing a power tie will not make you look more powerful, in fact, it will make you look silly. The whole idea that power ties increase your power is based on pop psychology which has been proven to be false.

The following text is discussing how a realtor’s clothing choice can affect their business. It is asserting that a realtor should avoid clothing that gives off a subtle message of dominance, as this is not the message that most people would want from their realtor.

8. Blazers or Suit Jackets That Don’t Fit

A well-fitted suit is much more flattering than a baggy one, regardless of the price tag. This is because a well-fitted suit looks tailored to your body, while a baggy suit will look shapeless.

If you are skeptical of my claim, go to Brooks Brothers tomorrow during your lunch break and try on a 346 suit that is 400 dollars and fits perfectly. Then, try on a suit that is 2500 dollars and is too big.

9. Ties Below or Too Far Above the Belt

A common fashion mistake that makes professional Realtors appear unprofessional is wearing a tie that is either too long or too short. This sends the message to potential clients that the Realtor is not really qualified and may have just snuck out of the mailroom.

10. Sweatpants or Workout Gear

Many people think that they look more dedicated when they wear sweatpants after coming from the gym. However, this makes them look ill-prepared and desperate.

11. Buttoning the Bottom Button on Your Blazer or Suit Jacket

The buttoned-up bottom button is a silly fashion rule.

In other words, just because the real estate association’s rule about carrying a flashlight when inspecting a property for a client is silly, that doesn’t make it any less of a rule. How many other silly rules does the association have? If you’re carrying a few extra pounds, then the flashlight will come in handy when you’re bending over to inspect a closet for a picky client. So maybe the rule isn’t so silly after all.

12. Chisel-toed Shoes

Yes, they look amazing, but what’s the big deal?

The model you saw was wearing a pair of shoes that were either $1,200 or more.

You can also be sure the stylist paired the shoes with a handmade Isaia suit made from wool that can only be bought in one remote village in the Italian Alps.

The point I’m trying to make is that the $99 replica shoes with pointed toes that you bought from Payless will look like they came from your Halloween costume.

13. Skinny Ties

We get that you’re trying to seem cool, but is that really what you want your clients to think of you? Being competent and professional is more important to your success than looking cool. Your older leads are more likely to see you as a juvenile delinquent than as someone who is fashionable.

14. A Full Break on Slacks, Suit Pants, or Chinos

I’m going to have to “break” with tradition here (sorry!) and say that any kind of break on your slacks or suit pants is verboten for realtors. Besides looking sloppy, a full break on your slacks hides your shoes, and if you followed our advice about shoes above, you’d miss out looking like this:

15. Shorts, Bermuda or Otherwise

I grew up with my father who was a Marine Corps veteran. He never wore shorts, even on hot days. I asked him why once, and he said “men don’t wear shorts”. This has always stuck with me.

16. Flip flops

Yes, it is hot outside. But that does not mean that your client’s wife wants to look at your dirty toes.

17. Deep V-neck Shirts

Are you trying to join a boy band or are you a professional who can help me with selling my expensive house?

18. More Than Two Shirt Buttons Undone

  1. No button undone = You better be wearing a tie.
  2. One button undone = A little stuffy.
  3. Two buttons undone = Just right.
  4. Three buttons undone = Used car salesmen at a New Jersey nightclub in 1987.

19. Baggy Dress Shirts

Most designers have stopped making clothes that are loose and baggy because it is not a flattering look. If you wear clothes that are too big or old, you will look like Jerry.

20. Vests or ‘Waistcoats’ Whatever …

Ok, now ask yourself how you knew those roles. I want you to think about how you knew those roles. Did you see someone in a vest and make an assumption? Or did you hear someone described in a vest and make an assumption? Did you see someone in a vest and make an assumption? Or did you hear someone described in a vest and make an assumption?

The prompt is to write down the first three professionals that come to mind who wear vests. The example given is waiter, magician, and gunslinger.

21. Baseball Caps

Informal attire like baseball caps are not appropriate for lawyers who want to be taken seriously by potential clients. Wearing more professional clothes sends the message that you are someone who is responsible and trustworthy.

22. Graphic Tee-shirts

But I also know that this whole thing is a joke. I chose the picture for this one because I think it’s a joke. I know that the whole thing is a joke.

Do you want to know what the 72-year-old Korean War veteran thinks of you when you wear a graphic tee to work? He sees you as someone who is not very professional.

23. Trilbys/Fedoras

The hats have the same effect. They make you look like you are a young child.

Yes, in 1929, gangsters in Chicago looked cool wearing Trilby hats, but you’re trying to sell me a house, not intimidate a speakeasy owner with a Tommy gun. It’s also not 1957, you’re not a spy for the CIA, and you look ridiculous showing up to a listing wearing a Trilby.

24. Backpacks

What’s in your bag? It looks like you’re carrying a Game Boy, a Capri Sun, and an “Adventures in Mathematics” textbook. But you also have an iPad, a phone, and a tape measure. Is there anything else you need for the showing?

25. White Tube Socks

You can wear white tube socks with your slacks or suit pants, as long as you are not David Letterman.

If you like wearing white socks, then keep doing it. Congratulations on your new show. If you don’t like wearing white socks, then you will never be able to pull it off. By the way, this guy is wearing very expensive shoes and still cannot make white socks look good.

26. Leaving the Label on Your Blazer, Suit Jacket, or Top Coat

I cannot stand seeing someone on the subway with the label still on their suit jacket sleeve. Any men’s shop employee that lets you walk out the door with that label on should be sent to the Hague to face trial for sartorial crimes against humanity.

27. Not Breaking the Thread on Your Suit Jacket or Blazer Pockets

Apparently, there are a lot of people who have this issue. The video above, which shows you how to remove the thread from your suit pockets (scissors, carefully) has 48,000 views.

Although it’s not recommended, if you’re feeling daring you can always just grab the pocket and rip it off. It’s similar to pulling off a Band-Aid but with the added excitement of damaging something expensive.

The phone goes in your inside breast pocket, not the side one. It’ll look weird if it’s in the side pocket.

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