Are you struggling to come up with new ideas to keep your business going? It can be helpful to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes all it takes is to revisit old tactics with a new perspective.

The tactics for generating leads in the real estate industry are constantly changing, so you need to be always be prepared to change your marketing and lead generation strategies.

Offline real estate lead generation ideas (17)

Make personal outbound phone calls

There’s no need to actively seek out new prospects for your business – you can start by looking through your phone contacts list for potential leads. Get in touch with people you know – it won’t cost anything. Set a achievable daily goal to start with, and once you’ve converted one lead, you can keep going and improve with time.

Build local connections for more referrals

An experienced real estate agent would say that the best source for generating new leads is referrals. However, referrals can be hard to come by, and even more challenging for new agents. You can always work on building up your local connections to generate more referrals.

By targeting a specific geographic area, you can get more local leads and referrals after every successful conversion.

Attend a first-time buyers’ seminar

Real estate-related information is available, but people often attend a first-time buyers’ seminar to gain a more in-depth understanding. Potential buyers often have many questions and can get new ideas and even more questions in a group setting. You can make the situation more favorable for yourself by making a list of commonly asked questions by first-time buyers and answering their questions. This will generate more leads from the seminar information and attendees.

Pitch to news outlets

You can get more leads by pitching your property listings to news outlets. This is a proven strategy for getting and converting more leads. You can get a commendable list of calls when you are backed by a reputable publication. You can sell your property listings quickly and gain more new clients by their referrals. You can also expect media coverage.

Knock on doors

If everyone is only using digital platforms, you can take advantage of traditional door-to-door communication. Get some fresh air and knock on some doors. It’s also a good opportunity to practice your elevator pitch and sales skills.

Master cold calling

If you want to be a top real estate agent, you should proactively seek out clients rather than waiting for them to come to you. It can be daunting to face rejections, but you need to develop a thick skin to be successful.

Free seasonal treats with business cards

You can always share your business cards during seasonal affairs. For example, you can hand out your business cards when you go shopping in a mall, or if you prefer, share festive items. Another idea is to pass out water bottles with your business name and the services you offer.

Join your local chamber of commerce

Become a member of your local chamber of commerce to get your name and business listed in newsletters and websites. You can also get referrals, make valuable connections, and work on lead generation in your area by joining the chamber of commerce in your town or county, or in nearby areas.

Become a coffee house consultant

You may be able to attract more leads by placing a small sticker on your laptop that says ‘Free real estate advice’ when you visit a coffee shop.

Buy exclusive seller leads

You have a quick way to get leads. You have access to multiple online platforms that you can use to get the data you want for real estate leads. Depending on the ZIP code, you can get leads that are exclusive to real estate agents. The platform gives you the best seller leads near the beginning of the buyer journey so that agents can pitch them before anyone else does.

Plan out your holidays

Although most employees prefer to take vacations and holidays, your real estate agent competitors are most likely still working. You don’t need to work all through your holidays to create lead generation tactics, but you should have a plan. Automate your lead generation processes and make sure your listings are holiday-themed. You could even take pictures of your holiday-decorated homes and post them on social media.

Work on divorce leads

If you want to be more successful in sales, focus on leads that are under a court order to sell their home or that need or want to move. These leads can be more difficult to work with, but may also be quicker to close.

Networking at non-real estate events

Ou can network at non-real estate events to generate leads for future sales.

Pitch to your local news media

You should use your local print media to advertise your property listings. Even if people who read the listings are not interested in buying a property, they might know someone who is interested and pass on the information.

Target FSBOs

If you are consistent and have the right approach, you can create a list of leads by focusing on the FSBO niche. Do not be arrogant when you approach them, but try to communicate and interact with them in a way that shows off your value.

Attend open houses

An open house is still a popular way to attract buyers. No matter what house you are selling, arrange an open house. Invite potential buyers and their real estate professional representatives to see the house and spark their interest.

Give back to the community

Volunteer for a charity or nonprofit event to start making a difference and earning trust among the community.

Online real estate lead generation ideas (19)

Learn SEO backlinking techniques

SEO is the best way to increase brand awareness, increase traffic, and generate leads. specifically, SEO backlinks help increase the number of leads your real estate business gets by having other websites link back to yours.

Focus on brand building

A brand that is exclusively compelling and memorable will generate leads even while the owner is sleeping. This is because the brand will cause people to talk about the services and products, which will create interest in the business. Over time, this interest will turn into a machine that generates leads, even when the owner is not actively working on the business.

Using predictive analytics to get leads from the local area

Predictive analysis has been a part of real estate lead generation for a few years now. Many platforms and channels offer predictive analysis to help you find leads from your local area. These tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to look through hundreds of data points to find the leads you want. The tool searches the Internet and gathers information from the local MLS to determine who owns property in your targeted geographic area.

Build an attractive UX/UI website

While many real estate websites are currently excellent, users have noted areas where they would like to see improvements. An investment in a well-designed, developed, and maintained website can be very beneficial for your business. If you can get the content and features right, your website can act as a magnet for generating leads. Keep in mind that it can be difficult to build a website, so it may be worth it to have a professional handle it for you.

Rank articles on Google for listings

Many real estate agents believe that ranking highly on Google is no longer important. You can increase your interest in a property organically by targeting niche-specific keywords on Google that show your listings. You can do this by using dedicated single-property websites that capture local search traffic. The article will give potential buyers honest insights into the properties they are considering buying, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each property.

Launch an email campaign

Email is a great way to generate leads for real estate. A well-designed email campaign can result in a higher opening rate and be a powerful marketing tool to generate leads.

PPC Advertisements

If you want to generate leads, you can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to get your website placed at the top of relevant search results. This will help you get high-quality leads at a low cost. If you’re on a tight budget, PPC can be a great option.

Start a podcast

160 million Americans have listened to at least one podcast, with many finding them a useful way to pass the time while commuting or doing household chores. If you can produce regular content that captivates your listeners, you can build a strong, loyal following.

The only issue is that it can be tough to identify where your podcast audience is located. You can solve this problem by making your topics relevant to your market and promote your podcast in your area.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn a commission by recommending other businesses or services. You can also use this technique to have other people recommend your product or service to potential investors.

Online local Ads

If you want to take advantage of the local market, you should use online ads to target local homeowners. This is a traditional advertisement technique for generating real estate leads, and it can be very effective if done correctly.

Create a quiz

One of the best ways to pique people’s interest in your brand is by asking questions. A quiz will not only drum up potential buyers, but also improve your credibility.

Answer online questions

Make sure to not only ask questions, but to also answer them. This is your chance to show off your trustworthy and reliable sources.

Use a pop-up ad

Pop-up ads will expose your business to prospects in a non-intrusive way, which is advantageous for real estate investors.

Take advantage of Craigslist

To reach a larger audience, try posting on Craigslist. The website gets billions of views and users each month, especially in the United States.

Create a virtual tour

Videos are always popular. However, real estate agents seldom take full advantage of this. Adding a virtual tour of the property to your listing would be a nice little touch.

Submit a PR release

You should write and submit a PR release to gain brand recognition and to generate leads. The PR release can reach a wider audience thanks to the Internet.

Sponsor a web post

Investing in sponsoring a web post is a great way to generate leads. By combining content and images, you can give potential buyers a sense of authenticity, credibility, and brand exposure.

Scale your lead generation with CRM

No matter which industry or market you’re working in, you need a CRM to help you manage your lead generation process. A CRM will help you with things like scaling and nurturing processes. An intelligent CRM uses things like AI and machine learning, as well as essential human intelligence. The CRM dashboard helps you understand and analyze the behavior of leads even before they’re ready to buy.

Add your property listing on Facebook Marketplace

You can list your properties on Facebook in groups dedicated to that purpose. These groups are usually titled something along the lines of “Flats in City Name.” In some cases, you may be required to read the group’s policies and answer some questions before you’re allowed to join. Once you’re a member, you can start listing your properties.

Unique real estate lead generation ideas (9)

Help buyers find an investment, not only a home

An excellent real estate agent should be able to guide their buyers towards the right path, based on their wants and needs – whether that be a primary residence or an investment property. By working with their business managers and accountants, they will be able to offer potential buyers the best deal possible, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Put up Bandit signs

There is debate about whether or not bandit signs are the best tool for real estate investors, but many people believe that they are. Bandit signs are similar to billboards and can be a great way to generate leads.

Start a partnership

Working with a partner can do wonders for your real estate business. You’ll have access to each other’s skills and contacts, and you’ll be able to provide moral support if needed.

Real estate auctions

You can find motivated sellers by attending real estate auction events and networking with the people there. Real estate auctions are a great place for real estate agents to find leads for both buyers and sellers.

Partner with a local handyman

The local handyman can be a valuable asset to investors as they are usually the first to hear about someone wanting to buy or sell a property. Handymen are often called to do repairs, renovations, or upgrades on a property, so they are in a good position to know the needs of potential buyers.

Advertise in local newsletters

Consider advertising in your local newspaper or newsletter to support your branding efforts and generate leads.

Sponsor a local program

This is not a very big or complicated method of marketing; however, it will allow you to get to know the community and what they are investors. Even the smallest marketing tactic can generate leads as a new or beginner real estate investor. Utilize local programs to network and attract new clients. This is a simple method of marketing that will help you get to know the community and what they are investors.

Advertise on the radio

Although some people may believe that radios are outdated, a large portion of the population still uses them regularly. Radios can sway the mindset of potential buyers and sellers daily, especially if they hear you often.

Use automated text marketing

Although text messages have a much higher open rate than emails, the downside is that it takes more time to contact leads individually. Automating the process can help you reach more clients or, at the very least, establish your brand among your prime users.

Direct real estate lead generation ideas (5)

Use leaflets

Leafleting can attract potential customers and generate leads for your business enterprise. By distributing informative leaflets, you can pique the interest of individuals in your services, and encourage them to learn more about your company. This marketing strategy can be especially effective when starting a lead generation campaign, as it can help to build awareness and interest in your brand.

Use business cards

When building relationships with other business owners, it is important to exchange business cards and keep them updated on your latest business ventures.

Use door hangers

A door hanger can bring good results for real estate agents who are open to possibilities.

Send sales letters to absentee owners

You can either send letters using drip mail, which is when you send out postcards or flyers to everyone on your contact list or in a certain neighborhood. Or, you can use direct mail, which is when you hand-pick who receives your letter.

Approaching old or expired listings

After a year or so, listings become unlisted. You may want to reach out to those old listings’ owners and find out if they still want to sell their property. When you scrutinize your listings, you will come across a few potential listings ready to sell. If you have a list of people interested in older properties or properties within their budget needing a bit of repair, then this is the perfect deal for you.