Instagram’s growth shows no sign of subsiding, and there is no denying that it is a great tool for marketers and entrepreneurs.

But there are 25 million business accounts on Instagram. This makes it difficult for brands that do not have a well-thought-out growth strategy.

If you’re wondering how you stand out among so many realtors on Instagram, you’re not alone.

The competition on Instagram is palpable. Some brands are faking engagement by using bots to generate likes, buying followers, and using third-party apps to automate engagement.

To protect the channels from being overrun by commercial posts, Instagram is hiding posts from brands that have been caught breaking the rules. The posts from these brands will not appear in search results or in the feeds of their followers, leading to a decrease in the amount of engagement they receive.

But don’t worry. There is no need to use shady techniques that run the risk of getting you banned from the site. To grow your follower count and engagement on Instagram organically, try using some of the following tips: post regularly, use hashtags, interact with other users, and post interesting content. There are ways to increase your content’s visibility and penetration without spending any money. This post will tell you how.

Grow Your Instagram account organically

If you want to be successful at marketing your real estate services on Instagram, you should always start by identifying your goals. So, which metrics matter on Instagram? How do you know that your brand is growing?

There are many KPIs that can be used, but some of the most common ones are engagement per follower, website traffic, link clicks, comments per post, Instagram Stories engagement, and hashtag usage. What are your goals?

1. Optimize your posts

Content is still king. Networks that are full of sub-standard content are more likely to be social networks. A few time-tested posting habits can help you make your posts more eye-catching and impactful.

Crack the Instagram algorithm

Instagram relies on artificial intelligence to determine which posts will appear first in users’ feeds. Posts from people who are friends or family of the person using Facebook are ranked higher than posts from people who the person using Facebook doesn’t know. You will need to direct message, like, or comment on the posts of your intended audience.

User engagement is one of the main factors that Instagram uses to determine which posts to show first in a user’s feed. If a post receives a lot of likes, comments, and views, it is more likely to be seen by other users. And newer posts get priority in Instagram’s algorithm.

So, what does that mean for you? You should post consistently. You can generate new content ideas by observing the user habits of your target demographic. Produce content that is relatable to them for the best results.

Optimize visual content

Make sure your Instagram content is high-quality and the right size and length for videos. You can use free, professional-grade editing tools to create attractive visual content. Adding filters and overlays can make your images look more glamorous.

Remember to make sure your images are the right size for Instagram. For square images, that means 1080px X 1080 px, for landscape images it’s 1080px X 608 px, and for square images it’s 1080px X 1350 px.

IGTV videos should be kept under 15 minutes. The file format should be MP4 and the cover photos should be in .jpg or png formats. The ideal size for an image is 9:16 aspect ratio and 720 pixels or more in resolution.

Post during optimal times

Instagram Insights can help you understand your followers better so that you can target your content more effectively. This tool allows you to find out when your followers are most active. If you want to use Instagram Insights, you may need to change to a Business account.

Influencers and content creators have an easier time because of Instagram Creator accounts. Previewing the “When Your Followers are on Instagram” graph can help you determine the best times to post.

2. Keep your followers engaged

Even if you have a good understanding of the Instagram algorithm, posting stunning visuals, and picking the right time to post, you may not see the growth you desire. Do you feel like your engagement numbers are still not as strong as you would like them to be?

That could mean that your content lacks flavor. Your followers are either ignoring or dismissing your content. You need to step on the accelerator.

Your content needs great ideas that will capture your followers’ attention. If you’re having a creative block, you can get inspiration from these ideas:

Instagram stories

You can share your brand’s story with the world through Instagram Stories. Stories have a bigger impact than still images, and they don’t take up as much space on your followers’ feeds.

If you have a Business account on Instagram and more than 10,000 followers, you can add a “swipe up” feature to your Stories. This will allow you to redirect traffic from your Stories to your website. Stickers in Stories can further improve engagement.

Instagram live

Instagram Live is a feature on the Instagram app that allows users to broadcast live videos. Stories are a great way to get to the top of your followers’ story section. Live videos look candid and engage viewers for longer.

You can engage with your viewers by including interviews, house tours, and real estate Q&A in your live videos. To avoid any mistakes, have a basic script and format ready.

Instagram TV (IGTV)

IGTV is similar to Stories in that it is for longer videos. However, IGTV has cover photos. You can use products to do promotions and influencer takeovers. There are many free movie-making apps that you can use to shoot delightful videos.


In order to increase the number of your followers, you need to explore new areas. If you use hashtags in your posts, they are more likely to appear in trending topics.

Make sure the hashtags you use are related to your brand and audience. If you’re looking for a hashtag tracking tool that can help you find trending tags for your brand, HashtagsForLikes is a great option.

Contests and giveaways

Running contests and giveaways is a clever way to get new followers. You can ask entrants to tag their friends and/or follow your page in the contest. Your brand can get more visibility by holding giveaways. Your followers can win cool prizes in return for following your brand.

Sneak peeks

Your audience can feel like they are part of your journey by watching behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers. You can generate excitement for upcoming events and products by sharing sneak previews of them.

User-generated content

If you’re looking for a way to improve your brand awareness, user-generated content is a great option. It costs nothing and has huge engagement potential. You can make a hashtag that is connected to your brand and tell your followers to use it on their posts.

This is a good way to get a lot of valuable content that you can post on your Story.

3. Like and comment on Instagram accounts that resemble your own

As mentioned earlier, just liking and following someone won’t help, but if you like and comment on an account with similar content, you will get some exposure.

Be sure to do it yourself, without using bots. Try to be authentic, and never spam.

Why bother writing a blog when you could just refer to the original post and give your opinion or ask questions about it? Try to set aside at least half an hour to an hour each day to post and interact on Instagram.

4. Use relevant hashtags

For sure, hashtags are great tools for discoverability. Although you are given 30 hashtags to use on Instagram, you don’t have to use them all.

Instead of using a lot of hashtags and risk having one of them banned, try using fewer, better-researched hashtags that more accurately reflect the content.

For instance, about 10 hashtags are enough. The content you produce needs to match the expectations created by the hashtags you use. You should remember that making your hashtag lines popular will make you more competitive, and it will be easier for people to find your content.

5. Promoting your Instagram on other channels

Organically promoting your Instagram account on other channels where you have accounts is a great opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. There are many ways to reach a large audience, such as through Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can create a widget that displays feeds from your Instagram. Additionally, you can generate a post on Instagram that advertises the competition you are hosting in order to bring your Facebook followers over to your page.

There are various ways you can promote your blog posts, such as embedding them in other blog posts or running pop-ups on your site.

You can share your Instagram stories on Facebook, even though the feature isn’t available yet. In addition to adding your signature to an email, you can also add an Instagram icon.

6. Using tagging and geolocation

One way to grow your Instagram account organically is to use geotags, especially if you’re posting from a popular or Instagrammable place!

Ensure that you tag anybody you are working with in the caption if you are also posting content from another person.

If you want someone to share your content, send them a request with the stipulation that they have to tag you in return. This benefits everyone involved and helps the relationship thrive.

Have you tried all of the features that Instagram has to offer? Well, if not, you need to try. While it is great to have a carefully curated feed, don’t miss out on the spontaneous and unedited content that allows you to create stories.

If your brand is aligned with this kind of content, there are many fun features to experiment with, such as face masks, stickers, filters, etc. You can play around with Boomerangs, and create a poll asking for opinions on a matter.

There is a lot of potential to interact with your followers and attract more people to your Instagram account. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is your chance.

7. Using collabs and influencer marketing

Two people are better than one. You will be better served if you get a mention or repost from another account instead of concentrating only on your own account. You can find a soulmate on Instagram – either a person or brand with the same target audience.

You both agree to give each other shoutouts or talk about each other’s content, or more importantly, work together on a project that you’re both interested in.

You may have difficulty finding the right influencer, but if you are successful, it can be a good strategy. You can expect to see an increase in new followers and potential customers. Choose the right guy wisely when forming a collaborative partnership!

8. Thoroughly research your target audience

Research target audience on Instagram insight

There is no long-term positive effect of exposing your content to people who have no interest in it or you and will not return the favor. Before long, they will stop following your account and you will be left wondering what went wrong. In this situation, we would say that there is no loyalty.

If you correctly identify your target audience, you will see a significant increase in engagement, meaning that your followers will see your content more often.

It’s a good situation for everyone involved. There are several things that you must do to get to know your target audience.

Demographic features such as age, sex, and location of the follower-base should be considered. After doing some initial research, you can look more closely at statistics such as when your followers are online or the language they use.

Keep an eye on your competitors who have a similar audience. Take note of the type of images they post and whether or not they include captions. The speaker asks if the audience has heard of the popular internet meme “wombo combo.” If they have, the speaker wants to know what they think of it and how long they have been aware of it.

Focus on the most successful posts your rivals make, and break them down to understand why they work so well.

If you want to know something, ask. What kind of content would you like to see on this account? Who are you following that you would like to see us interact with more? In your next post, go ahead and ask them.

9. Always plan ahead

Now that you have an idea of your target audience, what your rivals are up to, and what sort of content works best in your niche, you are probably wondering what the next step is. This is the time to think about the content you’re going to post.

Try not to post things you’re not confident about, but always stay true to your brand. Utilize Instagram tools like scheduling tools to help you plan your feed in advance, so that everything is visually cohesive before you post it.

The way the feed looks and feels is determined by the plan. If you don’t plan ahead and just post things randomly, you’ll definitely regret running out of content, which will discourage new followers.


Patience is key when building your Insta account. Never get disappointed by the slow phase. If you want to be successful on social media, never buy followers and follow the tips above. If you click the link, you’ll find some great ideas for businesses that use reel mowers.