Running ads is important for growing your real estate business, but if you want yours to be successful, you need to make it stand out from the competition. This means creating ads that will capture leads, convert clients, and help you scale your business.

Your ads will only be effective if you have great imagery, catchy headlines, and creatives that grab your target audience’s attention. Creating all of this is not as easy as it sounds.

We’ve gone ahead and found 23 examples of successful real estate ads that you can take inspiration from. The best part is that you can start re-creating some of the ads right away using InVideo’s real estate video maker.

Video Ads

Digital videos are important for real estate marketing because they are more engaging than static ads. Video ads give prospective buyers a more accurate picture of the property, and they are more likely to get higher engagement from viewers.

If you want to grow your real estate business, you should make videos your priority. Here are some examples of great real estate video ads to help you come up with your own advertising strategy.

1. J.R. Heller: Breaking News Ad

The ad uses the theme of a news channel to catch viewers’ attention immediately. The bold claims it makes stops people from scrolling further because they’re used to paying attention to breaking news and headlines. The claims of “no obligation and commission” and “selling a house in ANY condition” induce curiosity as realtors usually ensure that the property is in mint condition to get offers their way.

If you want to create a similar real estate video, InVideo has a template for you. All you need to do is add pictures of properties you have sold, edit the text to include your offer and claim, and then download the video.

2. The Real Estate Guy: Highlights the USP With A Testimonial

The Real Estate Guy’s ad is very creative as it uses testimonials to advertise his USP, this helps to boost his credibility.

Prospects that hear about Aaron from his customers are more likely to trust him and be open to hiring him, rather than if he told them himself that he doesn’t charge interest for repairs and gives cash upfront.

To create a testimonial ad like Aaron’s, use this real estate testimonial template and add talking head videos of you and your clients. If you want to trim your footage before adding it to the editor, you can also use the InVideo trimmer tool.

3. Jordan Bennett Real Estate: Engaging Long-Form Ad

If you are wondering if long video ads work today, look at this ad by Jordan Bennett Real Estate.

Long-form videos are more effective than shorter videos when targeting an audience that is not familiar with your business. Jordan Bennett Real Estate did a good job with their video by using transitions, charts, and highlights to present the information in a way that is easy to understand.

You can use InVideo’s real estate market update template to create a long-form ad that is engaging and informative without causing information overload. You can add visual breakers like text slides, B-rolls, and transitions to add interest and variety.

4. ELP Real Estate: Animated Introduction Ad

Animated video ads are a cost-effective way to get your message across as effectively as other types of video ads. And take a look at this one by ELP Real Estate, which has been beautifully executed:

This ad reassures potential clients that they are making the right decision by choosing this company. It does this by explaining how the company works using simple animation. This template allows you to create a similar ad without spending a lot of time or effort.

5. Joe Manausa Real Estate: Testimonial From A Well-Known Figure In The Real Estate Market

More people are likely to buy from Joe Manausa because he has a testimonial from Barbara Corcoran, founder of the well-known Corcoran Real Estate group. This makes Joe Manausa more trustworthy and credible in the eyes of potential customers.

In this ad, Barbara is explaining how Joe helped her close a deal quickly, despite the uncertainties in the market. By doing this, she is helping to build Joe’s credibility and reducing prospects’ hesitancy against hiring him.

In order to create more credible advertisements, it is important to network with individuals who can provide endorsements. It is beneficial to establish a relationship with these people before asking for their endorsement. When adding a testimonial in text form, consider using InVideo’s real estate testimonial template to make the video look more professional. For more ideas on creative testimonial videos for your business, refer to the testimonial video ideas blog.

Now that you’ve seen some of the best real estate video ads, you can use these as inspiration to build your own video marketing strategy. Check out this blog for more ideas and let’s move on to other types of ads.

Social Media Ads

Although video advertising is important for your real estate business, your social media marketing strategy will not be successful unless you also use other types of advertising, such as creatives, carousels, and images on various social media platforms.

Here are a few creative real estate ads to take inspiration from to make prospects take notice of your real estate services, as many people are weary of ads and have a lot of promotional material in their feed.

1. W2U Real Estate: Highlights Historic Importance

This W2U Real Estate ad is different from other ads because it focuses on the lifestyle and the possibility of owning a piece of history instead of just the price and number of bedrooms.

The ad also addresses any objections that a potential customer may have about the product (for example, if the product has a heritage overlay, the customer would need to get a planning permit to work on the property), making it one of the most effective social media ads.

To make ads that are effective, research your customers’ needs and the property to find a unique selling point. You can then use stunning imagery or well-designed creatives to communicate your message.

2. Boffo Real Estate: Attention-Grabbing Opening Line

Boffo Real Estate recently started a new type of “Just Sold” ad. The ads start with an attention-grabbing opening line, which makes prospects notice and read the rest of the ad.

To make prospects take notice of your ads and stop them from scrolling, do some research to learn what they are searching for apart from real estate. Then, correlate this with your service and add power words to create a crisp and compelling hook. You can also use numbers in headlines.

3. Kaylin Real Estate: Address Pain Points With Stories

The ad starts with a question that will make the reader curious and engaged. The story then addresses their internal dialog and concerns, which encourages them to take action.

Kaylin is able to relate to the concerns of a couple with kids, so they reach out to her for assistance.

To make ads like Kaylin’s, think about why your past clients contacted you and how you helped them buy or sell their dream home. Then, create a story that introduces your clients, their problems, and how you helped solve them.

One way to turn customer reviews into something more compelling is to create a video story using a template. This can be done by using pictures and reviews that have been shared with you by the customer.

4. Karen Hall: Humorous Take On Market Conditions

Karen’s ad is brief, direct, and funny. It allows her to make a strong impression on her prospects’ minds and gets her more followers, which increases awareness of her services in the community. This is important even if the ad doesn’t get her leads because agents must build personal relationships before doing business with prospects.

A good way to start a conversation with a potential customer is to use a meme or a short, catchy quote, like Karen does in her ads. This will help you to get more engagement from potential customers and start a conversation with them.

5. Bound Real Estate: Property Value Calculator

Bound Real Estate’s property calculator is more convenient than other house estimate ads because it doesn’t require prospects to schedule visits with agents.

If you’re looking for ideas for great property tools, a good place to start is with mortgage and tax calculators that your prospects can use. These can be a great way to generate leads and interest in your services.

When it comes to making creative social media ads for real estate, there are many possibilities. You can use this real estate social media marketing strategies article to get started. Now, let’s look at other web-based ads to see how they can be used creatively to get qualified leads.

Outdoor Ads

Before social media blew up, real estate businesses used outdoor advertising to promote their brands and services. A lot of that is still effective today, so you shouldn’t underestimate outdoor ads when you’re thinking of your real estate marketing strategy.

Advertising your real estate business in unique ways may not generate sales immediately, but it does help create an impression and promotes better brand recall. This way, when your potential customers are ready to look for a new home or sell their existing one, you’ll be at the top of their mind. So, check out these cool ideas you can use to make creative real estate ads for your business.

1. Compass: Clever Placement

The ad for Compass, cleverly designed to be placed on electric car charging stations, sends the perfect message to anyone looking for an eco-friendly home. This ad works perfectly because it appeals to the environmental consciousness of electric car owners.

2. Realtor.Com: Attention-Grabbing Subway Ad

Realtor.com has created an ad that resembles a train timing update and positioned it at a Subway station to increase commuters’ awareness of the company.

3. We Buy Ugly Houses: Ugly Ad That Catches Attention

Most homes that don’t sell are because they aren’t appealing to customers. The Ugly Houses agency has creates an eye-catching billboard ad that uses bright colors and minimal text to get the attention of customers who are worried their homes are too ugly to sell.

4. Edina Realty: Cardboard-Themed Billboard Ads To Highlight Statistics

Edina Realty has used boxes as a way to show how many buyers they have helped in a year, to grab the attention of viewers and show that 23,000 others have already benefited from their services.

5. Smith Real Estate: Promotes Results

This Smith Real Estate billboard ad is effective as it helps prospects visualize what the result of using their services would look like. The ad features a simple design with a “Just Sold” sign, which is likely to spur prospects to take action.