The key to being a successful broker or agent is to maintain and grow your client base. You need to make a name for yourself at social events like viewings, dinner parties, and meet-ups.

It can be difficult to nurture relationships with everyone you meet, but it is possible.

Email marketing can be seen as a personal assistant for the real estate industry, similar to Siri or Alexa.

This marketing tool allows you to save, sort, and segment your contacts. You can control your list and the message you want to get across. Automated email marketing campaigns deliver the right message to the right person while you are busy finding new homeowners.

Email marketing can be an effective way to reach more people and close more real estate deals.

In this guide, we will show you how to capture leads, create long-lasting relationships, close deals, and keep in touch with new homeowners and satisfied sellers.

Email marketing is a way to nurture your client base so they come back to you or refer their network to you.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, digital interactions have become more important than ever. People are now more open to a virtual shopping experience, so realtors who use email to promote updates, videos and blogs will note a marked increase in engagement. In fact, our 2021 industry benchmark report found that since 2018, real estate email open rates have increased by 32%, and click-through rates by 54%!

Although a majority of real estate agents do not feel confident in their online marketing skills, there are many easyemail marketing tips that can help expand their reach and get conversations going.

An email marketing software can help you run your real estate business more effectively by providing you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.

The major perks of using an email tool include:

  • Collecting new leads and clients with ease
  • Building long-lasting relationships within your community
  • Establishing your own brand and reputation
  • Growing your sales with well-timed emails
  • Saving time and manual work with email automations
  • Encouraging referrals after a deal has been closed

The more clients you have, the more your business will improve. To get more clients, you should have a healthy and active email list.

Picking the best email tool for you

The key to success as a real estate agent or broker is maintaining good relationships with your network. You can’t meet with everyone in person all the time, so email marketing is a great way to stay in touch.

With so many contacts, different properties and demanding clients to handle simultaneously, your email tool should offer:

  1. If you want to automatically collect and organize new leads, sign up forms are what you need. You can use them to direct subscribers into groups and segments for a more personalized experience.
  2. This is where you group subscribers based on geographic location.
  3. You can update groups manually and create groups based on factors such as what the customer is looking for (e.g. a home to buy or rent, specific location or type of property, budget, etc.), whether they are more likely to buy or rent, and family size. By sending targeted emails you can improve sales and build trust and credibility with potential customers.
  4. Email automation can save you a lot of time by handling most of your standard emails for you. You can set it up so that it sends welcome emails, viewing follow-up messages, or check-in emails for happy buyers without you having to do anything. It’s a good idea to check in every now and then to see how people are engaging with your emails and see if anyone needs additional help.
  5. You can use email to have one-on-one conversations with new leads, show your personality, and convince them that you are the broker who can make their property dreams come true. You need an easy-to-use email builder to design newsletters that reflect who you are.

Why Use Email Marketing For Your Real Estate Business?

Real estate emails are one of the most effective ways for you to foster and nurture a relationship with your potential clients and previous buyers and sellers. Here are some ways it makes marketing your realty business easier than ever before:

  • Generate leads. Not everyone who joins your email list will be ready to use your services, but they have shown interest by giving you their contact information. Your emails give you the opportunity to boost your credibility and nurture your relationships by sharing helpful and informative content. After all, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.
  • Stay top of mind. Email offers the opportunity to send out regular updates about your real estate business, promote new listings, and keep your subscribers updated on market changes – effectively keeping your real estate business top of mind.
  • Target your messaging. You can create individualized content based on segmenting your audience so you send the right emails to the right person. For instance, perhaps you want to send a real estate email campaign to inform buyers on new detached home listings, while not bothering first time homebuyers who are only looking to buy condos. Dividing your audience helps ensure you keep people engaged with content that’s relevant to their needs.
  • Personalized emails. Personalization can be as small as including a contact’s name in the email. In fact, emails that include the first name of the recipient in their subject line have a higher clickthrough rate than those that don’t. This is a great point to keep in mind to increase your engagement!
  • Real estate email automations. Need to do more for less? You can use automated emails to reduce manual workload by sending automated:
    • Welcome emails
    • Resource lists
    • Blog roundups
    • Market updates
  • Cost effective marketing. According to Litmus,  real estate email campaigns are seeing a return on investment of $36 for every dollar spent. That’s higher than any other digital marketing channels, like pay-per-click and social media!

How about reading a voicemail transcript or listen to the audio, then continuing the conversation through text or messenger.

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