The real estate market remains the top approach for savvy investors, and increasingly more would-be business owners are entering the real estate sector.

Having the freedom to manage yourself entices and draws one in. Real estate has the potential to provide the freedom that you want and can potentially generate adequate funds if employed properly.

There is a TV channel, HGTV, that devotes a portion of its programming to a series of shows titled “Flip or Flop”. These shows examine the consequences and profits that come with real estate investments.

Prior to engaging in the real estate industry extensively, ensure that you are informed about the topic and have a strong foundation. This is designed to stop you from making a lot of errors and set you in the correct direction quicker.

Listed below are the leading podcasts related to real estate which can assist you with achieving your objectives!

1. Target Market Insights: Marketing + Multi-family

Tune in with John Casmon on his podcast, Multifamily + Marketing. Marketing and investing in multifamily apartment buildings is tailored towards those who wish to house multiple families. Investing in an apartment can be a significant outlay of money, especially when compared to a single-family dwelling.

However, don’t fret! John Casmon is present in order to provide all of the necessary data that you must be aware of. He communicates with other individuals who invest in multifamily marketing, offering you a diversity of insights into this possibly very rewarding investment area.

He likewise incorporates marketing, as it is a significant element of real estate. If you do not promote your properties, then who will be aware of their existence?

Do not get so preoccupied with the business elements of real estate that you disregard this essential aspect of the industry. John Casmon will provide all the details mentioned plus additional ones.

2. The Investor Mindset

The Investor Mindset is hosted by Steve Pesavento. His podcast is immensely popular, giving it a 5-star rating; it provides insight on the subject of investing and how to go about creating multiple sources of income.

Putting money into the stock market can be alarming, particularly if you don’t understand what you are doing. If you hope to succeed in the world of real estate investments, it’s essential to overcome the fear you may have.

This is an ideal podcast for corporate experts who desire an additional source of revenue or for those who are seriously invested in real estate education.

Hear from Steve, a proficient real estate investor who has brought in more than $10 million from single-family and business real estate investments, as he talks about everything related to real estate investments. Be part of the crowd who is uncovering the keys to success in a challenging situation!

3. The Capital Raiser Show

The Capital Raiser Show is hosted by Ruben Greth. This podcast earns a high review, and listeners can get informed on the optimal strategies for obtaining private funds for multifamily syndication and additional types of real estate investments.

Greth talks with multiple financiers and inquires about the means by which they procured financing for their plans; what practices proved successful and what failed to bring about the desired outcome.

The attendees come from varying backgrounds, ranging from those who engage in syndication of multiple families to attorneys that specialize in securities law. You will have plenty of data available when you are attempting to raise the money for greater investments.

4. Real Estate Investor Goddess

Monick Halm is the presenter of Real Estate Investor Goddess. In this podcast, she speaks with female individuals who have been successful in the real estate industry. At times, investing in real estate can be something that mostly men participate in.

These guest speakers are going to aid female attendees to acquire the knowledge necessary to make their own financial selections, allowing them to construct a real estate kingdom of their own.

Nonetheless, this podcast doesn’t limit itself to conversations concerning real estate. This is simply a talk that is taking place in real-time, where the theme can range from enjoyment, putting resources into, state of mind with respect to cash, and whatever else.

5. Micro Empires Podcast

The Micro Empires podcast is hosted by Jennifer Grimson. Grimson, a single mom in her 40s, realized that a transformation was required immediately. She had no money saved, no ownership in anything, and no retirement savings, yet she was still required to provide for her two kids.

She had had this experience occur twice and the second time she chose to begin constructing “tiny domains”. After a period of around four years, she was able to generate an income of $1.4 million and is now eager to pass on her wisdom to others.

In this podcast, Grimson will take you step-by-step through her journey of reaching financial independence. She has gained knowledge from her experience in the business world, and now wishes to pass on what she knows to those listening that want to increase their understanding.

This is an episode titled “Elevating Women to Success” featuring Ashley Wilson. Once you’ve heard it, make sure you don’t neglect to hit that subscribe button!

6. Dan on Top

Dan Lewkowicz is a commercial real estate expert who presents listeners with three episodes a week to provide them with all the knowledge related to this field. Investing in commercial properties is different from investing in private entities, and can be more difficult to manage successfully if you do not take the right approach.

Steer clear of the miscalculations that previous people have already made for you by tuning in to this podcast! These brief podcasts, lasting between 15-25 minutes, are ideal for your drive to your job or a leisurely walk around outside.

7. Diary of an Apartment Investor

“Dear Diary, I would love to have a million dollars by next week, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.” Nevertheless, Brian Briscoe can assist in guiding you in the correct direction. You might not be able to become a millionaire in just seven days…however, with plenty of determination and a good plan, you’ll be well on your way.

Briscoe provides a great deal of material, such as strategies for individuals who choose to take a passive role in investing or decide to go all in, as well as segments of the show where experts are brought in to provide varied views on investing.

If you would like to know more regarding real estate investments, syndicated apartments, multifamily investor, or any other sources of multiple-family incomes, then this podcast is just right for you.

8. Real Estate Investing for Women

Women seeking to invest should check out this fantastic podcast. Moneeka Sawyer is a real estate investor who earns millions of dollars annually by investing for only five hours per month.

She wants to provide the knowledge she has accumulated regarding how to achieve “Happiness and Money” to other females aspiring to create a prosperous real-estate business. By recruiting specialists from throughout the nation who possess varying degrees of proficiency, you will gain knowledge on how to initiate and manage your own enterprise.

On her show, she educates audiences on successful investing strategies and provides guidance on achieving the mindset and heartset that are essential to experiencing the process of real estate investing. One will be unsuccessful more than they will be successful unless they are ready to experience both the good and the bad.

Discover techniques for preparing your mindset for a potentially lucrative field. Hear Anna Scheller’s advice on overcoming trepidation about real estate investing during her talk on “Getting Rid of the Fear: Lessons From a Real Live Real Estate Investor”. You can listen to her podcast on Apple Podcasts too!

9. Purchase to Profits

You should take notice of the Purchase to Profits podcast. Seth Ferguson notes that those who are prosperous in the realty business tend to follow a different pathway than those who fail.

He desires to impart these strategies to you so that you may count yourself among the successes in the real estate market. Discover the techniques of goal setting, locating deal prospects, and the art of negotiating through this podcast.

Being an effective real estate investor necessitates having strong interpersonal skills.

You can attempt to solve it yourself, or you can hear Seth Ferguson and his visitors during your morning commute. Here is “Over 1100 Units Portfolio with Joseph Bramante”. Then you can go to Apple Podcast and sign up for his channel.

10. #WaterCooler

The #WaterCooler is a show hosted by Curaytor Co-Founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin that provides helpful tips and enjoyable conversation, plus an opportunity to have a drink with the hosts – alcoholic or not.

The content may not be suitable for the workplace, however, what you learn will certainly better your job performance.

At this time, one hundred-plus episodes have been produced featuring guests, such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Baer, Scott Stratten, and Tom Ferry. Each one of these episodes can be found on YouTube, and Water Cooler is now airing live on Blab. A recent episode covered advanced Internet lead conversion. Listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

11. Unlisted with Brad Inman

Brad Inman, the Publisher of Inman News, interviews influential leaders in the world of real estate on his Unlisted podcast. This show has over thirty episodes with plenty of impressive guests, so it’s a must-see! Listen on iTunes and SoundCloud.

12. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Real Estate Coaching Radio, hosted by Tim and Julie Harris, is a tremendously popular show among real estate agents and brokers throughout the United States, with an audience of tens of thousands.

The podcast started in the month of January 2015 and presently has 300 episodes. In the latest instalment, viewers are provided with tips on creating achievable real estate objectives that may direct to genuine triumph. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

13. The Real Estate Sessions

The Real Estate Sessions presented by Bill Risser, which began in July 2015, provides intimate conversations with prominent guests like Sean Carpenter, Katie Lance, Leigh Brown, Bill Lublin, and beyond. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

14. Elite Agents Real Estate Podcast

The Elite Agents Real Estate Podcast by Debbie De Grote is an excellent resource for real estate professionals wanting to learn more about methods to obtain more listings, serve investors, and guide buyers in the housing market.

The podcast started in November of 2014 and has now created a total of 100 episodes. A recent episode covers the art of selling. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

15. Real Estate Realities

Robert Whitelaw is providing information and advice that can be used to assist those in the real estate market that are seeking to purchase, sell, and invest in properties to realize their objectives.

They hold conversations with writers and trendsetters who can give advice that helps not only in real estate endeavors in pursuit of financial independence, but in any other projects being made.

The podcast started in October 2015 and has had 99 instalments so far. The latest episode focuses on the significance of an open house, from how to promote it to how to optimally interact with attendees. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

16. Real Estate Real World with Marguerite Crespillo

The show Real Estate Real World is led by Marguerite Crespillo, who initially made a name for herself as an outstanding real estate agent before establishing educational courses and intensive programs in order to aid other realty agents succeed during this period. The program started in June 2014 and there are more than 40 episodes available for listening. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

17. High Performance

Josh Phegan and Alexander Philips offer the High Performance podcast to aid real estate agents in growing their businesses and gaining success. They provide information on topics such as prospecting, dealing with vendors, creating listing presentations, publicity tactics, task organization, energy use, self-directing, output enhancement, and growth.

The podcast commenced in May of 2015 and presently has 45 parts. Discussing the importance of concentrating on tasks most crucial to one’s business, implementing systems, and forming teams is covered in a recent episode. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

18. Super Agents Live

Toby Salgado’s Super Agents Live showcases discussions with more than 200 successful figures in the real estate industry and beyond that permit insight into the errors they have made, the strategies they employed to get to substantial accomplishments and the educational notions they acquired in sales, advertising, lead production, attitude and company building.

The podcast commenced in December 2013 and presently there have been 244 instalments. The most recent episode covers the psychology of selling. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

19. Onion Juice Podcast

Neil Mathweg’s Onion Juice Podcast is aimed at shaking up and reconceptualizing the real estate field, making a greater effect while reducing pressure and tension. The podcast debuted in September 2015 and there are presently 27 episodes.

This latest installment examines why certain real estate agents give up prematurely in their job and gives them a boost of assurance and motivation to remain in the real estate job market. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

20. The Making Agents Rich Show

The Making Agents Rich Show featuring Darin Persinger and Jonathan Rivera is all about making money.

The program surveys the protocols representatives must employ in order to remain more concentrated, work more effectively, and finish off numerous deals than ever previously. The most recent installment of their series discussed what to do with the outdated contacts stored in your database. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

21. Real Estate Rockstars

Pat Hiban’s Real Estate Rockstars provides listeners with words of wisdom from some of the foremost experts in the real estate industry, such as brokers, trainers, and property investors.

The podcast started in April 2014 and has since produced 301 shows overall. The latest installment focuses on cultivating connections with your database. Available on iTunes and Stitcher.

22. Agent Caffeine

Kelly Mitchell, an entrepreneur who wants to motivate commercial creativity and help out others, hosts Agent Caffeine.

She and her guests bring great enthusiasm to each podcast while exchanging ideas about the latest tools and strategies to enhance your business. Watch on YouTube, listen on iTunes and Stitcher.

23. Mike Ferry TV

Mike Ferry is an international expert in the area of real estate trading coaching and instruction, who regularly presents podcasts on issues such as increasing the amount of properties up for sale, how to conquer resistance, the attitude that a successful estate dealer ought to have, and more.

A recent episode showcased the daily tasks of a real estate listing agent. Listen/watch on iTunes, also available on Mike’s website.

24. Commercial Real Estate Online

Josh Highman’s Commercial Real Estate Online provides a wealth of knowledge and advice tailored specifically to Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers across the globe. It covers topics like Brokerage Sales, Leasing, and Property Management based on real-life experiences.

The podcast started in February 2014 and has a total of 100 installments. Recently, Josh wrote an article regarding the optimal networking events to participate in, gaining knowledge about one’s market, determining the leading investments, and collaborating with commercial financiers.